Need To Know Information


Recreational Class Descriptions

  • *TINY TUTUS* Toddler Combo Class (45 Mins) Tap, Ballet, Tumbling - 18 months - 2 years
  • *TIPPY TOES* Combo Class (1 Hour) Tap, Ballet, Tumbling - 3 - 5 years
  • *HAPPY FEET* Combo Class (1 Hour) Tap, Ballet Jazz - 5-7 years
  • *SUPER-STARZ* Individual 30 minute classes in genres:  Musical Theater, Hiphop, Lyrical, Tap, Jazz
  • *SHOWSTOPPERS* Individual 30 minute classes in genres:  Baton, Hiphop, Lyrical, Tap, Jazz
  • *POINTE & PRE-POINTE* Classical Ballet
  •  *TUMBLERS* All levels, all ages.

Required Attire

  • For Combo classes your child will need to wear the proper dance attire, although we do not have a required leotard color or style.   
  • TINY TUTUS & TIPPY TOE classes will need pink leather ballet shoes and black lace-up tap shoes.  
  • HAPPY FEET classes will need pink leather ballet shoes, black lace-up tap shoes and nude jazz shoes.  
  • Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Pointe will need shoes for their respective class type.
  • Hiphop classes typically wear sneakers.
  • Lyrical classes typically wear lyrical 1/2 shoes.  
  • All of these shoes are available at many local stores. 
  • A dance bag is recommended for all students to carry shoes and other dance accessories. 
  • PLEASE remember to label everything.

Inclement Weather

  • Cabot Dance Academy follows Cabot Public Schools Holiday Closing Schedule as well as the CPS Inclement Weather Policy.  
  • CDA reserves the right to make decisions to close if weather events occur that may be deemed dangerous for our Staff and Students to attend classes.

Tuition Discounts

  • 10% discount offered to Military, Fire and Police families.
  • 10% discount offered to families with more that one student.  Discount will be applied to tuition fees for 2nd student.

Fall Session * Registration Fees * Drop Fees

  • Our 2018-2019 Fall Season will begin Tuesday, September 4th, 2018 and will go through Saturday, June 8th, 2019.
  • 2018-2019 Annual Fall Registration fee is $60/Student, $25/2nd Sibling, $15/3rd Sibling
  • We ask for a written notice be submitted when a student drops a CDA recreational class at least 1 week prior to next class.  A $20 drop fee will charged to your account if notice is not given.
  • All competitive group commitments must be final by September 15th. Any class dropped after September 15th, ​will assess a $100 Drop Fee.

Recital Information

  • 2019 Recital date:  Saturday, June 8th
  • Costume Deposit  $30/routine, due by November 1st
  • Recital Fee $60/dancer, due by January 1st
  • Costume Balances $40-$55/routine, due by March 1st